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1 苯、醇、酮、醛、酯、酚、醚、烷等混合有机废气处理。
2 适用于化工、塑料、橡胶、制药、印刷、农药、制鞋等行业的有机废气净化。

Regenerative catalytic oxidation furnace, this method is the same as RTO, is also developed in the past 10 years of new technology, high purification rate, strong adaptability, the lowest energy consumption in the combustion method, no secondary pollution, applied to the occasion of high exhaust gas concentration is more. The catalyst was placed on top of the heat storage material to optimize the purification with a heat recovery of up to 95 %. Now some countries have begun to use rco technology instead of co for organic waste gas purification treatment, many RTO equipment has also begun to convert into rco, which can reduce operating costs of 33 % - 50 %, after reaction of toxic HC compounds into non-toxic CO2 and H2O, so that pollution is treated.
Working principle:
Catalytic combustion unit ( rco ): first through the dust suppression and fire suppression system. Then enter the heat exchanger, then send to the heating chamber, make the gas reach the combustion reaction temperature, then through the action of the catalytic bed, make the organic waste gas decomposition into carbon dioxide and water, and then enter the heat exchanger and low temperature gas heat exchange, make the temperature of the gas to rise to the reaction temperature. If the reaction temperature is not reached, the heating system section realizes compensation heating through the automatic control system. Using the catalyst as an intermediate, the organic gas becomes harmless water and carbon dioxide gas at a lower temperature
Product performance characteristics:
( 1 ) easy to operate, equipment work, to achieve automatic control, safe and reliable.
( 2 ) the equipment starts, only 15 ~ 30 minutes to raise the temperature to the ignition temperature, low energy consumption.
( 3 ) the honeycomb ceramic supported catalyst impregnated with palladium and platinum has the advantages of large specific surface area, small resistance and high purification rate.
( 4 ) the residual heat can be returned to the drying channel to reduce the power consumption in the original drying channel; Can also be used as other heat sources.
( 5 ) the service life is long, the catalyst is generally replaced for two years, and the carrier can be regenerated.
Scope of application:
1 benzene, alcohol, ketone, aldehyde, ester, phenol, ether, alkane and other mixed organic waste gas treatment.
2 suitable for chemical, plastic, rubber, pharmaceutical, printing, pesticides, shoes and other industries of organic waste gas purification.

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