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Equipment introduction:
Organic waste gas is a part of gaseous pollutants, from various industries emissions of chemical waste gas fluorine-containing waste gas, gaseous hydrocarbons, malodorous gases, organic waste gas treatment methods have three kinds: the first is catalytic combustion method, it uses some kind of catalyst to decompose or make the organic waste gas after combustion into harmless gas, can not be recycled; The second is the absorption method, with a specific chemical liquid to absorb the organic waste gas, and then decomposition, higher operating costs, recycling effect is not good, the limitations are larger; The third is the adsorption method, it is given priority to with active carbon physical adsorption, wide application range, with low operating costs and the characteristics of recyclable materials, recycled materials can be directly recycled, belonging to the category of circular economy, clean production.
The key of adsorption method is the configuration of adsorbent and adsorption process equipment. The method comprise that following step of: adsorbing organic waste gas onto an adsorbent, then separating the organic waste gas from the adsorbent into a liquid, and collecting and processing the liquid to be recycled for production or sale.
Recovery materials: benzene, toluene, xylene, trimethylbenzene, n - ethane, cyclohexane, trichloroethylene, diethyl ether, acetone, dichloroethane, tetrahydrofuran, ethanol, etc
The adsorption device can be divided into 2 - 3 adsorption chambers, controlled by a microcomputer and switched by itself, and the process processes of adsorption analysis ( drying ) and the like are alternately carried out; and the discharged exhaust gas enters the adsorption device after decompression filtration for adsorption. Gcf ( activated carbon ) adsorbing a certain amount of organic waste gas is desorbed by water vapor, the desorbed organic matter and water vapor enter a condenser together, the condensed organic matter and water enter a layering tank, and the upper organic matter automatically overflows to the storage tank for recycling after gravity layering, the lower condensed water enters a wastewater treatment system, and the water-soluble organic matter needs further fractionation.
Characteristics of activated carbon adsorption - desorption regeneration system;
★ automatic control is adopted, and the operation is simple and safe
★ long replacement period of adsorbent
★ high absorption efficiency, more than 90 %
Application industry:
Petrochemical industry, coating industry, rubber industry, paper industry, pharmaceutical industry, etc

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