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The tower equipment produced by our company with PP as the main material is the spray tower of PP washing tower packing. The filler uses the Bauer ring or hollow ball of the PP material. According to the principle of gas-liquid two-phase mass transfer on the surface and the ratio of transfer rate to specific surface area during gas absorption, the packing is used to increase the specific surface area of two phase contacts and make the two phases fully contacted, so as to achieve the purpose of absorbing or purifying waste gas.
Structural features:
The structure of PP absorption tower is divided into vertical and horizontal type. The working principle of vertical structure is gas-liquid two phase countercurrent contact, and the working principle of horizontal structure is gas-liquid cross flow contact. The waste (tail) gas is absorbed or neutralized after full contact with the liquid phase when it passes through the filling layer, so as to achieve the effect of absorption or purification. The packing layer in the single tower can be divided into single layer or multi layer.
It has the advantages of high purification efficiency, good corrosion resistance, light weight, convenient installation and maintenance, high specific strength, beautiful appearance, small footprint and large amount of waste gas treatment.
Scope of application:
Suitable for the production of chemical industry, petroleum industry, medicine, food, oil, printing and dyeing, metallurgy, environmental protection, light industry, such as compound fertilizer produced when the waste gas (tail) absorption, washing or purification